Promotional Coach - Helping people get out of their own way.

I have been struggling with a new title as I re-brand my company, and sought out Ryan's help. In a very short amount of time, he helped me to identify a new creative angle that I would have never thought of on my own. The ironic thing is that the answer was right under my nose. All it took was Ryan's help in identifying what it was. He did this by really listening to me and connecting dots that I already had in my head. Thanks Ryan.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Ryan's approach to communicating and pitching was incredibly valuable in helping us connect to our wide variety of audiences. Ryan's 3-1-3 concept forced us (in a good way) to get to the core of what we do, who it is for and the problem that we solve versus trying to explain every detail that ended up confusing our audience (thus making them lose interest).

With Ryan's help, we have seen our messaging resonate more and more with our audiences. We are constantly practicing what he has shared with us and I would certainly recommend him to people interested in connecting and engaging with their audience effectively.

Chris Ellis

Online fitness and nutritional coaching from your 1-on-1 coach

Ryan's 3-1-3 method and pitch coaching was incredibly beneficial to us. He helped us take what was sometimes a complex and dense pitch, and turn it into a succinct, clear and compelling pitch that could be delivered in a single sentence or expanded into a full ten minute presentation. Having his outside perspective and ability to help us communicate our benefits has helped us immensely with pitching to investors, partners and customers. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sharpen their pitch.

Nate Watkin

TJ Palazzari - DOJO Fitness

Ryan was simply great. By teaching his 3-1-3 pitch technique, Ryan helped my company secure multiple investor meetings within a week of working with him. He helped my team clarify the base problem that we are solving, communicate how we are solving it, and clearly lay out who we are solving it for.

Whether you are working on a long presentation or a 60 second elevator pitch, Ryan's process succeeds in laying the groundwork for an clear and effective message.

I highly recommend Ryan for anybody who wants to refine the message their business is broadcasting.

TJ Palazzari

Eric Golman - CEO of Javazen

Ryan's 3-1-3 process helped us solve the single most important problem for our business: Using the right words to communicate our value.

By dialing in on what problem we solve, and who we solve it for, our brand is now set on a new path for growth. I recommend Ryan to anyone who has a great product, but needs to create a message that is simple, clear, and one that people want to share. After all, word of mouth is what builds great brands.

Eric Golman


The 3-1-3 pitch training helped me see my music in a different light; every artist I know compares her work to other, more well known artists, or explains with the genre. I had never thought of it as a solution to a problem, but that idea makes sense.

Overall, I would recommend Ryan's program to any musician.

Thanks again,


Rebecca Sullivan
Rebecca Sullivan Music

Shawn Chhaba - Host and Creator of Winning the Game of Life Podcast

I had Ryan as a guest for my podcast, and he was great. Not only was he high energy and entertaining, but he shared valuable information to my listeners. I had heard a lot about his 3-1-3 pitch process, and I asked that he step me through during the show. I was shocked at how much I learned in such a short time. I now have a new pitch and it is shorter than I would have ever expected. I would highly recommend having Ryan as a guest and suggest you give his 3-1-3 a try.

Hai Truong - Sr. Accounts / Project Manager Creative Squeeze

I am very appreciative of the guidance and tips Ryan has provided me thus far. I respect and admire his ability to relate to an audience and move a crowd.

Hadari Oshri , Founder Hadari Online

Working with Ryan and his 3-1-3 pitch coaching was great. He helped teach me information that I really needed. This week I already had 3 meetings with potential investors, all 3 went great. One investor we are already moving forward, thanks to Ryan Foland feedback and training. Thank you so much.

Daniel Egan - Startup Evangelist at Microsoft, Author, Speaker

I have seen Ryan speak in front of both large and small crowds. No matter the size of his audience, he commands the stage with energy that is contagious. His ability to take complex concepts and break them down into bite sized chunks of information is unique and entertaining. I have seen him use his 3-1-3 pitch coaching on a wide variety of startups, and his formula works wonders. I would highly recommend his coaching services.

Mark Deppe - Assistant Director at UC Irvine

Ryan is a fantastic colleague and a pleasure to work with, as his energy, enthusiasm and passion are infectious. He has done a tremendous job developing and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in our students. He has made a hugely positive impact at UC Irvine and I’m always looking for projects to collaborate on with him.

Breanna Bremer - Assistant Director Blackstone LaunchPad at UCI

Ryan is a do-er! He has an incredible capacity to see what needs to get done, and execute despite large obstacles. His energy and enthusiasm are unmatched, and he brings a unique perspective and creativity to his tasks that he is able to communicate and follow through on every time. I would recommend Ryan without any reservation. He is incredibly talented,intelligent, creative, skilled, determined, and can do anything he puts his mind to

Li-Xing Chang - Entrepreneur

Ambitious and energetic. Those are the two words that I would use to describe Ryan. During my time at UCI, Ryan always gave me great advice when it came to the dozens of different entrepreneurial projects I've worked on. It was a pleasure and a privilege to not only work closely with Ryan but also watch him as he adapted to his position as a Assistant Director at the Blackstone Launchpad. Without a doubt, his effort at the Launchpad since its inception has allowed this organization to have such a unique brand. I look forward to what Ryan creates in the future because I am sure he will make the "impossible" possible.

Khaila Amazan-Hall - Entrepreneur

Ryan is an excellent orator who can make even the dullest of crowds become engaged; my own public speaking has increased with his advice. As a consultant, Ryan uses his personality to engage and explain complex business concepts in simple terms; he is never condescending, but rather he works with the people to gauge their understanding so that he/she may learn how to improve their business and ideas. Without exaggeration I've seen him consult hundreds of different types of startups of all skill levels, and every single one leaves the session smiling, empowered, and knowledgeable.

Stella Liu - Entrepreneur

Ryan was fantastic to work with! He knew how to break down complex business problems into small actionable pieces within minutes. I knew that when I met with him, I could leave with solutions and new perspectives on my startup. Not only is he talented at problem solving, but he also brings energy and a sense of humor into everything that he does.

Frank Conner - Partner at Wordes, Wilshin & Conner, LLP

I worked with Ryan when I was the Commodore of the Blue Water Cruising Club and Ryan was Rear Commodore. Ryan was innovative and created and improved the organization's communications with its members. He was always willing to take responsibility and run difficult initiatives and follow through and motivate people in positive ways. His people skills are superb and he has a work ethic that is exceptional.

Casey Mruk - Social Media Coordinator and TechDay News Editor at TechDay HQ

Ryan is very dedicated to his work and one of our top writers at TechDay Community News. He never fails to contribute innovative ideas about interesting topics. His articles give the reader a sense of who he is as a person; he is very personable and his enthusiasm about the topics he writes about shines through in his work. I have enjoyed getting the chance to know Ryan and working along side him at TechDay News. A majority of the success TechDay News has experienced is because of the hard work Ryan has put into the page. He is an excellent writer and I would recommend his work ethic to anyone.

Zachary Auerbach  - TechDay News Social Media Editor

Ryan is one of the most passionate writers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and startup culture is very apparent whenever you read his writing. He is an instrumental part of TechDay News and I always enjoy reading his work. It has been a real joy to work with Ryan thus far and I am excited to keep learning from him.

Brian MacMahon, Head Honcho Expert DOJO

"Ryan is one of the best business coaches in Southern California. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem is big but it's very hard to find exceptional business strategists who can guide new business owners through the maze that leads to success. Ryan is in that elite club and any entrepreneur who gets to learn from him is lucky indeed."

Daniel Midson-Short, Live Clinic

"Ryan is energetic and brings his full energy and commitment to making events a success. He is an excellent facilitator, and I highly recommend Ryan for your next event as either an organizer or emcee."

Robert J Butler, National Program Director, Green Festival

"Ryan Foland is one of the best speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and I have been in the business for over 20 years. I wish all the speakers I work with could be as generous and caring about the outcome of their efforts."