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  • Ryan Foland with Tom Ren: How to get your startup certified to do more Business

    Today’s show has special guest Tom Ren, long time entrepreneur and resident expert at UCI Applied Innovation. His previous company AECsoft USA developed and provided supplier management, supplier diversity management and eSourcing systems for 300 large customers (Fortune 1000, KBR, AEG, several major casinos, and more). Gartner Group ranked AECsoft the world's best Supplier Information Management System in 2010. The company was acquired in 2011 by SciQuest.

    Tom’s new company Global XLR develops tools and services (Supplier.Bid) to better connect buyers and suppliers. His key interest is in helping to promote Supplier Diversity — Minority, Women or Veteran-owned businesses, etc. On the show, we talk about how Tom uses LinkedIn and WeChat to spread awareness of how he can help get startups into big box stores like Walmart and Target. Tom breaks down how underrepresented business owners can get a BIG break by using a little-known tactic. If you are a business owner, you do not want to miss this episode of “Get Notified”!

  • Ryan Foland with Dustin Dye: Talking ‘bout Bots

    Dustin Dye is the Startup Guy. He is known as the the CCO (Senmu) at Expert DOJO and is owner / founder of the real estate investment company, Silver Spring LLC. His passion lies in helping others start their own companies and helping lead the operations at the Startup Accelerator Expert DOJO (http://expertdojo.com/).

    One of Dustin’s specialities in the startup arena has to do with “bots.” Yes, “bots.” Don’t know what a “bot” is? Curious to find out? On today’s show, we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to this new and expanding technology. We give examples how “bots” are positioned to be the next big thing when it comes to social media. We even have an actual bot join us on the show! It’s a fun one, so Tune in and “Get Notified”!

  • Ryan Foland with Heron Stone: The 5 Stupidities of The English Language

    Today we cover the topic of communication like never before. Join us, as we dive deeply into our language and explore how it isn’t always correct. Did you know your brain is really a language machine? Do you know what the most commonly used English word is? And would you believe us if we told you that word is used incorrectly 90% of the time?

    Our guest, Heron Stone, stumbled upon a book by Alan Watts that forever changed his life. He had a blinding realization that everything he knew was wrong…that all his ideas about who he was, what he could do, what he should and shouldn't do, and what was important in life was ALL WRONG. He has never recovered from the shock of his discovery and has spent the last 10 years reading/studying zen and psychology to recalibrate his entire life. As a result, he has developed methodologies to awaken people from the trance of language. Tune in, and “Get Notified” why you have been hijacked by your own language.

  • Ryan Foland with Nick Desai: How Delivery Apps Are Changing The Way We Live

    Today’s guest is Nick Desai, Co-Founder & CEO of Heal (https://heal.com), an app for on-demand healthcare (think Uber for doctor house calls). An entrepreneurial expert, Nick led four venture funded start-ups over the last 18 years. But for Nick, Heal is more than a company – it's a mission to fix the broken $3 trillion health care system.

    In two years, Heal has driven more than $5.9 million in healthcare savings costs, reduced unnecessary prescription antibiotic usage by more than 50 percent, raised $52 million in funding, and reduced non-emergency trips to the ER/urgent care by 62 percent for its patients and partners. Additionally, Heal has delivered 16,000 patient house call visits and plans to grow that number exponentially by the end of 2017. In this show, we discuss how apps that deliver services to our door are changing the way we live. As a UCI Alumni, Nick’s school spirit still shines through. Tune in, and “Get Notified”!

  • Ryan Foland with Cameron Brown: Disconnecting to Get Connected, A Story of Discovery

    In a world where we are supposed to be more connected than ever before, many feel disconnected from themselves, each other and the planet. Today’s guest, Cameron Brown, created a bold new project (http://thrivingcollective.com/dreamlivegive) and is here to share how we can find our way back to what really matters.
    Cameron sold or donated 99% of his possessions and embarked on a global quest to inspire people to dream big, live fully, make an impact, and show first-hand how technology, when used purposefully, can actually improve our mental health and depth of connection with one another. If you want to channel your inner free spirit, make sure to tune in, and “Get Notified”!

  • Ryan Foland with Candice Gellner, Bri McWhorter, Emma Flores and Yasemin Sarigul-Klijn: Forming the Perfect 30 Second Pitch

    Want to learn tips on forming the perfect 30-second pitch? This is your show! On today’s show we feature four amazing women — two students who recently won a fast pitch competition for UCI, one phenomenal speech coach who helps PHd’s communicate their research, and the Associate Director of Graduate Professional Success in the Biomedical Sciences. Some of the tips covered include the following: Speak from your heart, Understand your audience, Remember to have fun, Speak to people not at them, and remembering to S-l-o-w d-o-w-n. This is a high energy show with a few surprises, so make sure to tune in, and “Get Notified”!

  • Ryan Foland with Tom Bileau: Making an Authentic Impact On and Offline

    Innovator and entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu (https://twitter.com/TomBilyeu) takes Get Notified inside his journey of redefining success from Quest Nutrition (http://www.questnutrition.com/) to his new podcast, Impact Theory (http://impacttheory.libsyn.com/podcast). Learn how to brand your authentic life in order to maximize your long term impact — as there are no shortcuts to real growth, and no substitutions for real connections. This week, Tom lets your host Ryan Foland behind the scenes to find out why “Fulfilment isn’t a full wallet,” but success starts with a healthy mind.

  • Ryan Foland with John Lim: Moving Forward Every Day: Life Lessons Learned Online

    Do you feel paralyzed? Stuck in routine? Get moving forward today by expanding your entrepreneurial mindset with our guest John Lim, as we discuss his passion for inspiring people who are stuck in corporate America to do more with their careers. Though you may know him from his role as Sulu in the newest Star Trek reboot, John Lim is an entrepreneur and public motivational speaker, whose podcast Moving Forward (@bemovingforward) inspires listeners on a weekly basis.

    John interviews entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders who have overcome major obstacles in their lives in order to glean applicable life lessons that inspire his audience to create positive change. In this episode, we talk about lessons John himself has learned by interviewing some of today’s most prominent business thought leaders, including: Jeffrey Hayzlett, Leonard Kim, Jen Grisanti, John Lee Dumas, Academy Award Winning Artist, Doug Drexler, and former NFL Fullback, Obafemi Ayanbadejo. Tune in and “Get Notified.”

  • Ryan Foland with Jesse Rothman and Donald Dabdub : Brewing Beer for Dummies

    Beer. Need I say more? Serving as a cultural focal point since the pyramids of Egypt, I joined the ranks of an ancient tradition in subbing for my fellow radio DJ host on his show “Beer Ambassador.” Joined by my good friends and short notice ‘beer buddies’ Jesse Rothman, and fellow co-worker and home brewer Donald Dabdub, tune into this very special crossover episode of “Get Notified.” Stay till the end of the show for laughs, brewskies, and an out of control gameshow as your host Ryan Foland subs in on “Beer Ambassador.”

  • Ryan Foland with Chris VanDusen: The ABCs of A/B Testing

    Today we take a Grandma Time Out and get to know an exciting new technique called A/B testing that will increase the visibility of your content! Our guest, Chris Van Dusen (@vandusen) is an entrepreneur and CEO of Parcon Media (www.parconmedia.com) — a full service digital media planning and buying agency that focuses on challenger brands and companies in hyper growth mode. By utilizing data to maximize impact, Parcon Media Services sets itself apart with options like conversion rate optimization and customer acquisition strategy, which round out the agency’s data obsessed culture.

    In this episode, Chris takes us through his process with exclusive best practices and practical applications of how you can apply A/B testing in order to grow your Facebook and Twitter impact. Have fun finding out with your host, Ryan Foland, how to “funnel” your audience to maximize success, online and off. Tune in and “Get Notified.”