As the Bard once said, “All the world’s a stage.” There’s nothing more terrifying than speaking in front of people, especially when you are the one running the event.

Ryan loves being on stage. He is a professional Emcee and Host with the ability to entertain your crowd and edify your speaker guests. He engages the audience, getting them clapping and having a blast.

He has hosted 1 Million Cups, where entrepreneurs give presentations and the audience provides feedback and is also host and organizer of the OC Tech Happy Hour, Orange County’s fastest growing Meet-Up Group.

Ryan specializes in hosting and being the emcee for large conferences, business competitions, and moderation of expert panels.

Keynote Speaker

Ryan has delivered keynote speeches across the United States and Europe, and he loves to deliver powerful messages to large audiences that gets them pumped up!

His ginger energy helps to keep the crowd engaged and having fun the whole time. He is not the typical speaker that talks in metaphors and shares generic stories with predictable outcomes.

His material comes from real life experiences and a plethora of crazy personal stories.

Ryan delivers informative, motivational, and inspirational talks to groups of all shapes and sizes. Look no further, you have found the guy you want on your stage.

Keynote Examples:

Event: Green Festival

Keynote Title: The 3-1-3 Pitch Theory

Short Description: When working through this process with my clients, I help them discover the biggest problem they are solving, then work to explain that issue in only 1 sentence. The same process goes for describing the solution and the target market.


  • Your customers are motivated by alleviating their pain
  • Explain what you do before you share how you do it
  • Knowing your target market is key in communicating your vision
  • Use relational terms to put your idea into your audience’s head.
  • Say less and listen more. This creates questions and conversation

Event: Sustainatopia

Keynote Title: Face Dancing Public Speaking Theory

Short Description: Everyone has fears they must encounter when they go outside of their comfort zone and try something new. My talk shares with the audience three of the most effective “Face Dancing” moves, based on my research, experience, creative insights, and most importantly, my failures.


  • The more similar that your mannerisms, tone, diction, and body language is to someone else, the more they will feel comfortable
  • Stories are one of the most powerful things in the world, and if people want to be a better speaker and/or writer, they need to become better storytellers.
  • When people are speaking, their body language is speaking as soon as they are seen, even before one opens their mouth.

Event: Digital Hollywood

Keynote Title: The Iceberg Theory

Short Description: 99 percent of time, entrepreneurs never answer what they do. Instead, they try to tell their audience how they do what they do. When you answer a “what” question with a “how” answer, you run the risk of having the person you talk to never want to talk to you again.


  • Entrepreneurs have a tendency to think that their audience knows everything; the problem is, they don’t.
  • Entrepreneurs must have a crystal clear understanding of how their business operates. They must be able to reference the individual points that are relevant to the customers.
  • Don’t be afraid to give less information initially, because it creates the opportunity to make real connections between the problem you’ve already identified and how the solution can benefit the listener.
  • Questions are what highlights points of interest, and helps to guide a productive and meaningful exchange of ideas.

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