Ryan Foland is the inventor of the 3-1-3® Method. It is a framework that has multiple applications in simplifying the complexities of business. Ryan delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes based on his unique methods to drive meaningful outcomes worldwide.

He is the perfect balance between energizing and practical; entertaining and results-focused; fun and impactful. Ryan blends deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive. Every talk is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, hand-drawn visuals, and practical techniques that empower audiences to think more clearly, speak less, and listen more. The 3-1-3 Method is so powerful because it forces articulation of ideas, defines focus, uncovers purpose, and simplifies core messaging.

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Keynote Examples:


Short Description: Transform how a workplace works by clarifying how employees relate to and support the brand promise.


  • Boil down complex systems into its core
  • Increase clarity and specificity
  • Drive more innovation and creativity
  • Improve collaboration among teams

Clarifying your Leadership

Short Description: SAs a leader you must clearly articulate ideas, define your team’s focus, all while building systems for core messaging across departments that are consistent, real-time, and error free.


  • Better understand who you lead
  • Establish your expertise
  • Gain differentiation, growth, and loyalty
  • Tap into your authenticity


Short Description:Transform how your sales team shares your solution.


  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to explain your product and/or services
  • Get people interested before telling them what you do
  • Sell more without actually selling
  • Build authentic rapport faster