Watch the full & unedited 3-1-3 sessionwith Dan Bennett from DNA Design Co.

In this 3-1-3 coaching session

Dan Bennett runs a video production company in Flint, Michigan. In this 3-1-3 session Dan is challenged to re-think the way he is explaining what his company does. 

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The  More You Talk the Less People Listen:

Discover how the 3-1-3 can help you.

Paul Shepherd UI/UX Designer

Not only did I gain absolute certainty and clarity on my communications strategy,

I also gained a very clear direction to take my business/brand within a very specific sub niche.”

Nick Morgan Speaker / Author

“For a distracted world in a hurry, there’s nothing that grabs the attention faster and holds it better than Ryan Foland’s 3-1-3 Method.”

Michael Hulihan Founder of Barefoot Wine

“Ryan’s message is as powerful as his delivery. The 3-1-3 really helps to package what you do in a way that gets people to care.”

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