Radio Show – Ryan Foland Big Business Branding Made Personal Wed, 20 Nov 2019 23:35:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Radio Show – Ryan Foland 32 32 The 3-1-3® Method is a process whereby one reduces the description of something or someone using a maximum of three (3) sentences, which is condensed into one (1) sentence and then boiled down to three (3) words. Hence the name 3-1-3. The method is designed to help individuals and organizations get better at the expression of ideas faster when it comes to positioning, leadership, and the way they share information.<br /> <br /> Ryan coaches leaders worldwide on the art of simplifying spoken and written messaging for greater impact. The theme of The 3-1-3 Show is fun and informative. Ryan’s on-air personality is a lot like his off-air personality, which is creativity mixed with high energy. An upbeat live radio talk show airing every Wednesday on 88.9FM, Ryan interviews executives and business leaders to unpack the problem they solve, their solution and their market. These three components are the key ingredients of Ryan's famous 3-1-3 Method.<br /> <br /> Ryan’s company InfluenceTree, specializes in helping thought leaders create and syndicate content that reveals their whole self to drive differentiation, growth, and loyalty. Learn more about Ryan by visiting and learn how his company can solve your problems by visiting <br /> Radio Show – Ryan Foland clean episodic Radio Show – Ryan Foland (Radio Show – Ryan Foland ) Making the complex simple with the 3-1-3® Method Radio Show – Ryan Foland