Ryan Foland with Adi Abili and David Gimenez: AngelHack and Social Media for Startups

In this episode, we talk about hackathons and meet the winning startup team of AngerHack's Global Demo Day, Goin.one. They are helping millennials save more money! The conversation was around how startups can leverage social media. Adi, expert startup mentor shares her thoughts on platforms, content, market and most importantly, how to use your voice […]

Ryan Foland with Vice Provost Doug Haynes – Confronting Extremism

In this interview Ryan talks with Doug Haynes, Vice Provost of the Office of Inclusive Excellence at UCI. The conversation covers what UCI is doing to promote diversity and tolerance on campus, as well as a larger conversation about confronting extremism. Namely those who deny science and human rights. Tune in and “Get Notified.”

Borderline Millennial Disorder

Borderline Millennial Disorder

I share my his insights on how working professionals can use social media tips and tricks from millennials to grow the platform and contemporary influence.

Ryan Foland with Sachin Narode and Marva Allen: Successful Marketing Campaigns Gone Viral

Feeling lost at sea in big marketing conferences? Almost as if your team didn’t get the attention or audience you paid to pitch for? Maybe it’s time to do more than survive… it’s time to thrive with the smaller Survive and Thrive (@survivethrive17) startup boot camp. If you want to hear the Ginger MC himself […]

Ryan Foland with Chai Forest: Facebook Fun with LightsCamera.FUND

Lights, Camera, Action… or maybe just a microphone and a GingerMC. Get ready for Get Notified with Chai Forest (@ChaiForest), a Los Angeles filmmaker who’s making a splash on social media. Find out how to use Facebook Live to stream your creative process, inviting fans into the process to ensure your product has an audience. […]

Ryan Foland with Derek Michael Johnston: Beads, Beanies and Britney Spears

Make money from your quirky art hobby as we talk Twitter with a celebrity beaded hat artist. Several celebrities have received and retweeted these beanies so our host the GingerMC himself Ryan Foland dives into some of Derek Johnston’s Twitter tips — and gives some advice of his own! Twitter can be an excellent platform […]

Ryan Foland with David Baird: Launching Gigmore a Live Music Marketplace

Rock out to this episode of Get Notified made for all entrepreneurs, musicians included! Gigmore (@gigmore) is a live music marketplace with a new website that just launched, trying to connect independent music with the right venue. Learn how to market your new project with your host Ryan Foland as we treat musicians as entrepreneurs […]

Ryan Foland with Tucker and Janna Parris: A Knife Maker who is Forging his Way in Social Media

Cutting his way through Instagram with his hand forged knives, our guest this week is a master blacksmith who works here at UCI with his wife, a marketing specialist. Get Notified gets the inside scoop on instagram stories, where anyone can hashtag their way to a niche following. Learn how to balance personal and professional […]

Feeling Stressed? Watch My TEDx Talk and you Will be Fine!

Feeling Stressed? Watch My TEDx Talk and you Will be Fine!

Have you ever been chased by a bear? How about an imaginary bear? Your body’s instinct to stay alive is intended to be good for you, but sometimes it can cause trouble. Our brains work a delicate balance to keep us out of danger and free of disease. Understanding how your body reacts to stress […]

3 Speaking Tips To Make Sure Your Message Resonates

3 Speaking Tips To Make Sure Your Message Resonates

The person on stage talks through the bullet points of what they think the audience wants to hear, they stand stagnant on the stage often looking to wear her presentation is being shown on the wall. And to add insult to injury she spoke so fast I could hardly understand let alone put together all […]