3-1-3 Business consulting and Information Services

Success in 3 Simple Steps.
The 3-1-3 coaching program is designed to help you get better, faster. Using Ryan’s combined experience as entrepreneur and presenter, he has created a three-part training program to make your product or service offering resonate with your prospects.

1) The Pitch
Using his unique ‘3-1-3’ Program, Ryan will help you create a clear, compelling, targeted explanation of your new business.

  • First Ryan helps you understand the problem you solve, the market you serve and the solution you have for them.
  • Then, he helps you create a pitch in three sentences, one sentence and finally, three words.

Going through this exercise isn’t easy, but after you’re done you will be able to clearly explain your unique selling proposition and the value you provide.

2) The Slide Deck
Next, Ryan will work on finessing your visual presentations.
So many presentations require a slide deck to add interest and clarity. Yet so few get the balance just right.
Ryan will show you how to use the 3-1-3 to match your visual images and text to your verbal presentation. He will remove excess or distracting material to align with the core message in your pitch.

3) The Presentation
Finally, Ryan will work with you on the way you present.
In just a few hours, he will teach you the core skills:

Projecting clearly, removing filler words, using the stage for impact, gesturing powerfully, working on timing and pausing, as well as opening and closing effectively.

Ryan teaches you how to match or raise the energy in the room you are speaking to, and make your audiences remember you. And yes, he will give you tips and techniques to overcome your nervousness and have fun on the stage.

At the end of the day, Ryan’s 3-1-3 consulting will help you to develop and deploy a clear, compelling, call to action that audiences will want to act on.

To see if the 3-1-3 training is right for you, email ryan@ryanfoland.com with the subject line: “3-1-3 Services  ” to schedule a free 15-minute introductory call.