The 3-1-3® Method is a process whereby one reduces the description of something or someone using a maximum of three (3) sentences, which is condensed into one (1) sentence and then boiled down to three (3) words. Hence the name 3-1-3. The method is designed to help individuals and organizations get better at the expression of ideas faster when it comes to positioning, leadership, and the way they share information. 

For Positioning: 

The 3-1-3 transforms the way a workplace works by clarifying how employees relate to and support the brand promise.

  • Boil down complex systems into its core: the problem, solution, and market  
  • Increase clarity and specificity
  • Less confusion and mistakes
  • Quicker exchange of ideas
  • Drive more innovation and creativity
  • Improved collaboration among teams

For Leadership: 

As a leader, you must clearly articulate ideas, define your team’s focus, all while building systems for core messaging across departments that are consistent, real-time, and error free.  

  • Discover your why
  • Better understand who you lead
  • Establish your expertise
  • Gain differentiation, growth, and loyalty
  • Build a reputation of trust
  • Tap into your authenticity

For Conversion:

The 3-1-3 Method transforms how to share, pitch and sell your ideas

  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to explain your product and/or services
  • Get people interested before telling them what you do
  • Sell more without actually selling
  • Gain confidence in networking
  • Build authentic rapport faster
  • Modernize sales training

The 3-1-3 Show

The theme of The 3-1-3 Show is fun and informative. Ryan’s on-air personality is a lot like his off-air personality, which is creativity mixed with high energy. An upbeat live radio talk show airing every Wednesday on 88.9FM, Ryan interviews executives and business leaders to unpack the problem they solve, their solution and their market. These three components are the key ingredients of Ryan’s famous 3-1-3 Method.

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