What People Are Saying About the 3-1-3 :

3-1-3 | Ryan Foland

The essence in any discussion

The 3-1-3 gets at the essence in any discussion, no matter if it’s business or personal related. It gets to the core of any situation I confront myself with. Trying his thinking/silence technique, brings to the surface the better version of “me”.  – Roxana B.

3-1-3 | Ryan Foland

Conversations aren’t competitions

This is a great reminder that conversations are about sharing information, not winning by saying the smartest thing or by talking the most. Each conversation needs to have a balance of listening and speaking. – Jean F

3-1-3 | Ryan Foland

The power of authentcity

“Personal Development these days is about Personal Brand” – that is such a powerful statement as it sums up the power of authenticity and the strength of daring to be vulnerable. Amen to that!! Be Brave – Be Bold – Be Inspiring! Peggy P.

3-1-3 | Ryan Foland

Uncovering the pain points 

I’ve been struggling with uncovering the “pain points” of my target market for years.  I can now move ahead with my marketing and feel I can have a real conversation with people about my business. This may well be the turning point for my business in 2019.  – Mary G.

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