Ryan Foland and Kyle Ellicott: Getting strategic strategy

Ryan Foland and Kyle Ellicott: Getting strategic strategy

In this 3-1-3 Radio show, we spend time getting to know Kyle Ellicott. We initially met while speaking in China, and share similar passions for simplicity, so we stayed connected. This is a fun discussion of how strategy can be a business owners biggest problem. As technology arises, how will you know to implement, or not. Will you be left in the dust, or worse of will you be left for dead? Learn how Kyle helps solve this very real problem for his clients.

A little more about Kyle: He is the Co-Founder of ReadWrite and Chief Labs Officer of ReadWrite Labs, an industry catalyst that is accelerating the growth of the Economy/Internet of Things by connecting the people, companies, and financing shaping our connected world and lives.

Kyle is a noted global speaker, consultant, published author, and technologist with over 15 years experience at the cornerstone of digital transformation between industry and technology.

He’s advised over 175 companies globally throughout industries such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Transportation/Mobility, Blockchain/FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, Smart Cities and has successfully raised over $130 million in venture funding.

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