Ryan Foland with Tiffany Tay and Levi Eastwood: UCI Giving Day, How to Mobilize the Masses Around A Digital Campaign.

This high energy and fun podcast shares best practices for your next digital campaign. UCI raised 1.4 million dollars last year in 24 hours, and this year the goal is 2,400 gifts in 24 hours. I talk with Tiffany and Levi who are the boots on the ground at UCI, developing and marketing this massive campaign in the second year. We talk strategy that can apply to a variety of online efforts that need participation from various communities. Using metaphor we break down the process in terms that anyone can understand, we break their efforts down to the core components. You will be left with practical tips not only for the UCI Giving Day on April 25th, 2018, but for how to activate your network online when you need their support the most. Check out https://givingday.uci.edu/ Tune in and “Get Notified!”

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