Ryan Foland with Sachin Narode and Marva Allen: Successful Marketing Campaigns Gone Viral

Feeling lost at sea in big marketing conferences? Almost as if your team didn’t get the attention or audience you paid to pitch for? Maybe it’s time to do more than survive… it’s time to thrive with the smaller Survive and Thrive (@survivethrive17) startup boot camp. If you want to hear the Ginger MC himself Ryan Foland talk about his 3-1-3 program in person (and maybe get a little mentorship in), book your spot today at surviveandthrivetoday.com.

Get Notified guests are the CEOs and founders of Survive and Thrive, Sachin Narode and Marva Allen. Sachin grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, which explains the 3 successful companies he has co-founded including Emangoz, Soul Productions, and his latest venture Xeniapp which hopes to change the way people travel. Marva Allen is a college professor and seasoned entrepreneur as well, with several successful ventures to her credit. A trailblazing woman in tech, Marva was co-founder of a multimillion tech company and also the recipient of numerous business awards.

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