Ryan Foland with Chai Forest: Facebook Fun with LightsCamera.FUND

Lights, Camera, Action… or maybe just a microphone and a GingerMC. Get ready for Get Notified with Chai Forest (@ChaiForest), a Los Angeles filmmaker who’s making a splash on social media. Find out how to use Facebook Live to stream your creative process, inviting fans into the process to ensure your product has an audience.

Chai’s digital campaign #hugaclerk made waves in the Twitter world, but it was inspired by the real life tragedy that inspired his first feature documentary Killing Convenience. After finishing his film, Chai to hit another roadblock: The cost of marketing and distribution. He quickly realized that he wasn't the only filmmaker in this position. That’s when he turned startup founder, attacking the funding problem head on with LightsCamera.FUND, a creative funding platform that empowers filmmakers and creators to build a sustainable fan membership business.

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