Ryan Foland with Derek Michael Johnston: Beads, Beanies and Britney Spears

Make money from your quirky art hobby as we talk Twitter with a celebrity beaded hat artist. Several celebrities have received and retweeted these beanies so our host the GingerMC himself Ryan Foland dives into some of Derek Johnston’s Twitter tips — and gives some advice of his own! Twitter can be an excellent platform for insider marketing as we learn how to connect with fans to get a following and get noticed here with Get Notified.

The beanie wizard himself Derek Michael Johnston (@SBRCelebrityArt) is a recognized celebrity bead artist. His designs are featured in Debbie Gibson's 2017 calendar, and Alternative Press magazine #337. Dozens of celebrities have their own beaded images like Kid Rock, William DuVall, Barack Obama, Victoria Justice, and many others! His number one goal is to get Britney Spears to wear his design. Check out the show to hear all about it.

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