Ryan Foland with Mark Hylander and Lawrence Schau: Building a Brand for You and a Band

“If art fills space, music fills time,” and nothing fills up an hour like an episode of “Get Notified.” Your host Ryan Foland harnesses the power of twitter to bring together Veris (@weareveris), a hot new band, and a branding expert for an episode you won’t want to miss. Music sometimes speaks the truth better than words could, but for professionals, it’s just a different form of creative content to market.

Engaging content that crosses social media platforms to tell a comprehensive story is the specialty of our guest Lawrence Schau (@lschaujr). Lawrence serves as the Executive Creative Director of KAL Design Co, a digital, branding, and design agency, that realizes a brand’s potential through strategic vision, creative precision, and simplicity. The brand of the hour is actually a band, as Veris comes center stage to talk about telling stories through songs and getting real value for your personal story.

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