Ryan Foland with Swarochish Goswami (AKA Swish): Social Selling in a Swish

Do you feel locked out of the LinkedIn network? Confused or bemused by your competitor’s kick ass content? Unsure whether LinkedIn is even the right fit for your personal branding needs? Well, look no further as this week on “Get Notified” we separate fact from fiction, and dive deep into the art of selling through social storytelling.

Our guest this week has become known as the LinkedIn pro since growing his following to over 26,000 people in under 6 months. Find out how 20-year-old Swarochish Goswami, or Swish — a self-described serial entrepreneur — stays ahead of the curve, winning the United Nation's Outstanding Youth Leadership Award and currently recognized as “one of the world's most accomplished teenagers” by Future Sharks.

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