Ryan Foland with Sia Yaghobi: Future Social Media Trends with the Oracle of OC

This week go all in as we take a sneak peek into the future of content marketing with @TheOracleOfOC and the Ginger MC, coming at you with exclusive insight found only on “Get Notified.” As our guest Sia Yaghobi says “if you’re interested you’ll do what’s convenient, but if you’re committed you’ll do what it takes” — so tune in and find out what it takes to make your startup successful, find your niche market, and what to do next when you take a risk that doesn’t pay off.

Focussed on topics such as leadership and business growth since taking over his father’s business at just 12 years old, Sia Yaghobi is the expert when it comes to marketing trends and pattern prediction. His book Patternomics (#MyPatternPlan) delves into Yaghobi’s passion for mentorship, and what habits might directly affect your career. Yaghobi also works as a partner and mentor at Fastercapital.com, which has already graduated 18 startups, with 20 more currently in the works.

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