Ryan Foland with Dr. Rick Van Etten, Lana Clay and Carlin Motley: Fighting for the Anti-Cancer Challenge with Social Media

Today’s episode features three unbelievably inspiring stories, as we talk to a cancer doctor, a cancer survivor, and the person in charge of planning the first ever UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge event! Tune into the break down what it takes to plan a fundraising event online, and how to make peer-to-peer fundraising work for you. “Get Notified” to hear first hand an incredible story of survival, and find out ways to support the event through social media. Whether it’s a Facebook group, or a full blown Tweetnado, “Get Notified” has got you covered, with tips on how to support worthy causes that you can’t physically make through the power of social media.

Working together, our guests were able to achieve something amazing in the Anti-Cancer Challenge, which raised more than half a million dollars towards the lifesaving cancer research currently taking place at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Rick Van Etten MD Ph.D. serves as the director of the Chao Family Center, and as a Professor at UCI’s School of Medicine. Joining him we have Lana Clay, a childhood leukemia survivor and lifetime advocate, working tirelessly at public speaking engagements, campaigns, marathons, or any other activity that will improve the lives of her fellow cancer survivors. Our final guest is Carlin Motley, fundraising specialist for the Anti-Cancer Challenge here to talk about how she successfully used peer-to-peer fundraising to support a truly inspiring event.

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