Ryan Foland with Daniel Lacalle: Get Notified Goes Global by Branding for a Diverse Audience

In this episode, we are joined by author and international speaker Daniel Lacalle. Together, we’ll be discussing how to use social media to distil complex messages into practical take-aways that people can understand. We dive into how Daniel has used social media to create an international brand and some of his strategies for unifying your message across many borders.

Daniel Lacalle has written three best-selling books, Life In The Financial Markets, The Energy World Is Flat and Escape from the Central Bank Trap, achieving international acclaim for his clear, approachable writing style. Holding his Ph.D. in Economy and fund management, Lacalle currently works as a professor at IE business school, IEB, and UNED. “Get Notified” taps into his wealth of expertise as we talk practical strategies for creating engaging content for a diverse international audience.

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