Ryan Foland with Ramsay Brown: Smartphone apps are reprogramming you. Who are they turning you into?

We are all smartphone and app users, but did you know you might be the real product? Unless you pay for your social media platforms, your information and habits are up for sale to companies who will pay up for that valuable insight. Today on “Get Notified!” we discuss how the brain works and how to best use devices without them using you. Ramsay Brown, one of the leading innovators in this emerging field, explains his knowledge on this very issue.

Brown is a creative technologist, brain architect, and escaped circus bear. His work lies at the intersection of brains, minds, and machines, where he uses design, code, and neuroscience to build products that enhance human thriving. As a Fellow and member of the Brain Architecture Center at USC, Rams built “Golgi” (Goal-gee), a Google Maps for the Brain. Now, as Co-founder and Chief of Operations at Dopamine Labs, Rams and his team use Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience to help smartphone apps become addictive – AND help people break app addiction. Take a much-needed break from those apps and find out how to take control on “Get Notified!”

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