Ryan Foland with Danny Harper, Kasey Lucas and Erica Jordan: How to Run an Epic Digital Campaign

In today’s show, we join the UCI crew in celebrating our inaugural Giving Day campaign! Giving Day is an exciting, 24-hour online fundraising campaign supporting any area of interest at the university. The campaign asks that alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and members of the Anteater family, consider giving back to UCI. The inaugural event exceeded its goals, raising over $1.4 million from more than 1,600 patrons in over 30 states and nine countries.

We sat down with the Giving Day crew at UCI to discuss their digital campaign success, including becoming the second most-trending hashtag (#UCIGivingDay) on Twitter, as well as getting alumni celebrities such as Greg Louganis, Tina Berg, and Eloy Ortiz Oakley to spread the word and boost the event’s social media presence. Tune in to find out how you can run your own successful digital campaign and “Get Notified!”

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